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Once upon a time, popcorn ceilings were in trend.

However, over the period of time, builders and construction managers have stopped using these types of ceilings.

Now, instead of rough and uneven popcorn textured ceilings, most people prefer keeping the ceilings plain.

 Unfortunately, most of the old houses and old buildings still have these types of ceilings. The thing about the popcorn ceiling is that it turns yellow and looks ugly.

Apart from that, some popcorn ceilings contain asbestos which is a harmful compound. Because of this reason, many people remove the old ceilings and go for a plain one. 

If you are tired of the old popcorn ceilings in your home, you can go with popcorn ceiling removal. You cannot do it on your own as it contains lead and asbestos.

So, it is best to contact a professional painting company. The Pro Painters provide this service. If you want to know about our popcorn ceiling removal service, follow this guide. 

What Are Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings also called an acoustic ceiling, is essentially a ceiling with a granular surface which appears like popcorn. This type of ceiling is made by painting the surface with drywall particles and foam surfaces. 

The mixture is sprayed on the ceiling to make it look like popcorn kernels. 

These types of ceilings are commonly seen in commercial buildings, where the acoustics are important and acoustic ceilings help achieve the quality and balance in sound. You will also find these ceilings in old homes and buildings. 

This type of ceiling was mostly used by builders as it was cheaper. It helped them to easily cover the flaws on ceilings. The project was completed quickly, which helped them to generate more revenue.

However, these ceilings were build using asbestos. It is a harmful compound that causes cancer. Because of this reason, it was banned in the 1970s.

After that, builders stopped going for popcorn ceilings. One has to be very careful while removing the ceiling as the asbestos can be released into the air and cause health issues. 

It is best to hire a professional painting company that has a license to undertake this type of work. 

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services at The Pro Painters:

Popcorn ceilings have become old and outdated. Because of this reason, most people are removing this type of ceiling from their old houses.

Popcorn ceiling removal is a type of service provided by painting companies. In this process, the old popcorn ceiling is scraped and removed, and a new coat and paint are applied to it to make it look modern and new.

 The Pro Painters are experts in popcorn ceiling removal services. We have the tools, knowledge, and training to safely remove any type of ceiling. Whether you have a popcorn ceiling repair project in mind or want to completely remove it, we can help you. We can also help you with ceiling painting services. 

We provide a service that can easily and effectively remove your old ceiling without damage to your walls or floors. With our fully equipped painting companies located in different parts of the USA, we can remove popcorn ceilings and every location. Most all of our work is guaranteed.

Our painting company uses high-tech tools to remove layers of thick masonry and stucco along with the popcorn ceiling. We will carefully work around your home and property to completely remove all drywall and ceiling. Our team of certified contractors includes licensed engineers and contractors. 

This assures that we will properly remove your ceiling or stucco without breaking your budget or endangering your health. Best of all, our technicians are insured so that if anything should happen to our equipment during your popcorn ceiling removal process, we’ll have you covered.

Our employees are trained to remove the popcorn ceiling, which contains asbestos. We seal off the room and take extra safety precautions to remove the ceiling. 

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Our Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process:

Our ceiling repair and removal team follow a complete step-by-step process to easily remove popcorn ceiling while following all the safety protocols. We not only removed the popcorn ceiling but went for repair and ceiling painting as well. Here are the steps we follow. 

  • Step 1: Remove Fixtures

When it comes to removing the popcorn ceiling, the first thing we do is remove all the fixtures. We will remove all the light bulbs, switches as well as other fixtures from the room. We will also remove all the furniture to make sure the ceiling is safely removed. 

  • Step 2: Mask Walls and Floor 

After removing all the fixtures and furniture from the room, we mask the walls and floor to avoid any damage or stain. We use a heavy-duty plastic sheet to cover the walls and floor. It is a safe practice as asbestos will not be settled on the floor.

  • Step 3: Prep Ceiling

In this step, we start preparing the ceiling. We use water and lightly spray it on the popcorn ceiling. It makes the paint and plaster material weak. It makes the scraping process easy. 

  • Step 4: Scraping

Once the ceiling is wet, we use scraping tools to scrape the popcorn ceiling and make the surface smooth. Our employees wear safety suits, masks, and gloves to stay safe. We remove the popcorn ceiling completely until the ceiling surface is smooth. After that, we used a wet cloth to wipe away all the residue from the ceiling. 

  • Step 5: Plaster

After removing the popcorn ceiling, we go for ceiling repair. If there is any damage to the ceiling, we repair it. If you want to go for drywall, we will help you install a drywall ceiling, or else we will plaster it. Ceiling repair is essential before painting. 

  • Step 6: Prime and Paint

Once the ceiling is smooth again, we apply a coat of primer and sand it. Once it is smooth, we apply another coat of primer and then paint it. Ceiling painting gives a new look to the ceiling. You can choose the type and color of paint, and we will apply it to the ceiling. We apply two coats for durability. 

  • Step 7: Clean

In the end, we clean up all the mess. We throw away the damaged plastic sheets and clean all the residue from the room. You will get a completely clean room. 

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