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Are you looking for (Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services) an affordable solution to make your kitchen look good?

Well, all you need to do is repaint your kitchen cabinets. 


Looking For Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services?

The Exclusive Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services | INTERIOR SERVICES

The paint on kitchen cabinets starts chipping off after few years due to wear and tear. This simple component is enough to make your kitchen look ugly and shabby. 

No matter who much money you invest in painting kitchen walls or purchasing decorative items, old and rugged cabinets can spoil the entire look of your kitchen.

However, you can easily solve this problem. There is no need to install new cabinets when you can get repaint the old ones. If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, you can simply repaint them. 

It is not only an affordable option but hassle-free as well. You can save a lot of money when you simply apply a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets.

There are some people who go with kitchen renovation and remodeling. However, if you have a limited budget, you can simply change the paint on the cabinets and kitchen walls. It will make your kitchen look as new as ever. 

However, painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. Many people try to do it at home, but it simply leads to shabby and unevenly painted kitchen cabinets.

The thing is that cabinets painting is completely different than painting walls. It is more complex and needs a special type of paint. If you don’t have any experience in Kitchen cabinets painting, you will more likely damage the cabinets.

So it is wise to let a professional do the job. If you are looking for a professional kitchen cabinets painter in the United States, you can go with The Pro Painters. It is a multi-state painting company which provides kitchen cabinets painting service.

With a special team of painters with years of experience in kitchen cabinets painting, you will get the best service. The painters will help you to get the perfect paint finish in order to make the cabinets look as new as ever. 

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What Is Kitchen Cabinets Painting Service?

Kitchen Cabinets are one of the important things in every kitchen. They provide more space for food, utensils, and dishes. You have to do kitchen cabinet painting to enhance the look and appearance of your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen looks great, start with kitchen cabinets painting.

In order to paint the kitchen cabinets, the cabinets need to be disassembled the cabinets first. After that, it needs cleaning, priming, and then painting. The process might seem simple, but it is a time-consuming project.

Although you can paint kitchen cabinets yourself, it is much safer if you can hire a professional painting company to do the job. You might also damage the cabinets by doing it yourself. 

The most common reason why kitchen cabinets painting becomes a failure is lack of proper preparation. If you will paint your cabinets by yourself, there is a big possibility that you might do wrong designs, wrong colors, and wrong combinations. You might also create other damages because you are painting by yourself.

In addition to that, painting cabinets can be really tiring. You might get tired after painting cabinets for weeks. So it is suggested that you seek professional help. You have to ensure that the color will last for years and you do not have to change it for another couple of years.

It is true that painting your cabinets will make your kitchen more beautiful and attractive. Cabinets are an important part of your kitchen. Newly painted cabinets can do wonders to your kitchen. 

It will complement the color of the kitchen walls and make the kitchen look more spacious. It will give you clean storage space to store dishes and cookware. 

Apart from that, painting makes the cabinets more durable. It will protect the cabinets from moisture or water damage as well.

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What Is Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Service?

Kitchen cabinets are a very important feature of your kitchen. They take up quite a fair amount of space, especially if they are made from solid wood. And due to the construction and design of these cabinets, they are prone to damage and are prone to developing cracks or breaches over time.

If you notice any cracks, braches, or chipped paint on your cabinets, you can go for refinishing. It is different than repainting the cabinets.

Most people get confused between kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing. However, both things are different. In refinishing, you only simply improve the original version of the cabinets. 

Instead of changing the paint color, you simply fix the damages, cracks and apply a coat of paint to make the original cabinet look good. You don’t have to change the original color of the cabinet.

Refinishing helps you to avoid rotting and damages and gives a new look to the same old kitchen cabinet. It is slightly less time-consuming and affordable than cabinets painting. 

As cabinets are used so much, you will most likely need to have them refinished or painted at least once in a while. This is where the process called kitchen cabinets refinishing comes into the picture. 

Refinishing kitchen cabinets with the help of professional cabinetry makers is one of the best options you have. However, you can also hire professional painters from reputed companies who will paint the cabinets professionally for a much lesser price than the local carpenter.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting By The Pro Painters:

When it comes to kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing, The Pro Painters can help you. At this professional painting company, you can enjoy cabinet painting services.

Our company offers different types of interior household painting services, and kitchen cabinets painting is one of them. We have a team of painters who are specialized in cabinets painting. 

They have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to paint different types of kitchen cabinets. Our painters use special high-quality paints which last for a long time. They will help you achieve the perfect finish in cabinets painting.

The Pro Painters provide ideal kitchen cabinet painting services all around the United States. With locally-owned companies in different cities and states, you can enjoy cabinet painting services in most parts of the USA. 

We provide painting services at cost-effective rates. Apart from that, we also provide a free estimate on kitchen cabinets painting service. 

Whether it is repainting cabinet sets or just refinishing cabinets, our professional painting services in the USA can help you save money on the cost. 

Not only do we provide services at affordable rates, but we also provide quality work at the same time. Painting is not a do-it-yourself job; if you get it wrong, it will end up looking terrible. 

However, we can help you to improve the look of your kitchen. We also provide a free consultation service. This is where our expert designers come to your home and review your color choices. They can tell you whether or not it is a good color match for the cabinetry. The free color consultation is usually available on your initial visit. 

Our Kitchen Cabinets Painting Process:

Kitchen cabinets painting needs proper planning as the cabinets need to be disassembled and assembled. So, in order to complete the project effectively on time, our professional cabinets painting team follows a process. They follow the steps in the process, one after the other, to paint the kitchen cabinets on time with precision.

  • Step 1: Removing Cabinets Doors and Drawers

Once you choose the color and type of cabinet paint, we start with the process. The first thing our cabinet painter will do is remove the cabinet doors and drawers. We will unscrew the cabinet doors and remove the hardware. Once everything is disassembled, we will number the doors so that we can assemble them correctly. We will keep the screws and hardware safe so that it doesn’t get misplaced. This way, the painting job can be easily done.

  • Step 2: Masking Off the Kitchen

After disassembling the cabinet parts, we will start masking off the kitchen surface to avoid paint stains on the surface. We use a plastic sheet to cover all the open areas. It is very important in case to spray painting technique to avoid paint splatter on walls. 

  • Step 3: Prepping the Cabinet Parts

Once all the open areas in the kitchen are covered, we will start prepping the cabinet parts. We will clean the cabinet first to remove stains, grease, and other dirt and debris. After that, we will sand the cabinet surface. It will help to remove the old and chipped paint. We will also use a paint scraper or paint removing machine to remove the old paint. It will help users to prepare the surface to apply a new coat of paint. Once the old paint is removed, we will sand the surface again with sandpaper.

  • Step 4: Fixing Surface Imperfections

In this step, we will fix all the holes, dents, cracks, and imperfections on the surface of the cabinet parts. We will fill it will filling material to cover all the imperfections. It will give an even surface to the cabinet parts. After that, we will sand the surface again.

  • Step 5: Applying Primer

If you want to apply a paint coat on the cabinet, we will apply a coat of primer on the surface. It is very important to apply a primer in order to get the perfect finish. We apply two coats of primer on the cabinet parts. 

  • Step 6: Applying Paint/ Stain

Once the primer is dried, we will apply professional-grade paint on the cabinet parts. There is a special type of paint available for cabinets depending on the finish. We will apply two coats of paint for durability. If you want to stain the cabinets, we will help you apply a stain on them. It will give a natural wood finish to the cabinet. Our painters use spray painting equipment instead of a brush to avoid brush marks and strokes. It will give you an even finish. We will apply paint on both sides of the mounted cabinet as well as removable parts.

  • Step 7: Reassembling Cabinet Parts

After the paint dries, we will assemble the cabinet parts. We will put back the parts as per the numbers. It will make the cabinets look as new as ever. You will get brand new-looking kitchen cabinets.

  • Step 8: Unmasking and Clean-Up

Once the assembling is done, we will clean up the kitchen space. We will remove the plastic sheet and clean all the tools. We will thoroughly clean your kitchen.

  • Step 9: Follow Up

Lastly, we will follow up if you need help or support. We offer a warranty on kitchen cabinets painting. If you face any problem, we will be happy to fix it free of charge. 

Advantages of Painting Kitchen Cabinets:

There are many advantages of painting kitchen cabinets. If you don’t have money to install new cabinets, you can simply repaint them. Here are some of the reasons why you need to paint kitchen cabinets.

  • Attractive Kitchen: 

Painting your cabinets gives your kitchen an attractive and different look and makes your kitchen more impressive and elegant. If you want to improve the condition and appearance of your kitchen, you can repaint the cabinets.

  • Hassle-Free Approach: 

It is a hassle-free approach than kitchen remodeling and installing new cabinets. When you install new cabinets, it damages your entire kitchen. Apart from that, it takes a lot of time. Repainting takes only one or two days without damaging the kitchen.

  • Cost-Effective:

It is a cost-effective solution. You don’t have to pay money for the entire cabinet. You just need to pay money for painting. Cabinets painting can help you save a lot of money. It is a cheap and affordable technique than installing new cabinets.

  • Improves Cabinet Condition:

When you repaint your old kitchen cabinets, it improves the overall condition of the cabinet and makes it more durable. You can use the same old cabinets for years to come without any damages. 

  • Color Choices:

You will get many color choices when you opt for kitchen cabinets painting. You can choose from different types and textures of paint and colors. It will help you to match the color with the walls.

  • Increases Property Value:

Kitchen cabinets painting helps to increase the value of the property. When you sell the house, you can demand more money as the cabinets are in good condition.

  • Eco-Friendly:

It is an eco-friendly approach as you are using the same old cabinets instead of purchasing new ones. It will help you to avoid environmental damage and pollution.


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