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Do you need a fresh look in your office space? Or your commercial building to look clean and professional? Then, you are at the right place! Our professional commercial painting services offered by our painters are the highest quality you can get in the industry. Commercial areas and buildings need constant maintenance due to wear and tear. This is where commercial painters come into the picture. You cannot just complete the task on your own, as most commercial painting projects are big and complex. So, if you want to paint or repair a commercial building, it is better to hire a professional painter. We offer painting services for all type of commercial and industrial buildings.


Looking For Professional Commercial Painters?

Commercial Painting Services | Interior Painters

Our painters have the right  skills and expertise to complete your painting project. Since commercial projects are way different than residential houses.

Hiring professional commercial painters to paint your commercial building is quite different from hiring painters for your apartment or any other renovation projects. 

Commercial painting projects require very clean finish and clean lines by the painting contractors.

Painters hired for such projects should be experts in the painting business.

They must have experience of previous projects and the ability to show you their work, which would give you an idea of their work ethic and quality.

If you own any commercial property in the United States and want to renovate, repair, or paint it, you can use the services offered by The Pro Painters.

Here, you will get different types of professional commercial painting services. We provide services all over the USA.

If you have commercial offices in different locations and need to hire a painting contractor, The Pro Painters will be an ideal choice.

We will help you to repair and paint retail, commercial buildings, setups, offices, industries, healthcare facilities, hospitality locations, recreational parks, schools, hotels, etc.

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Business and Commercial Painting Services:

Commercial painting is usually done in offices, retail stores, industrial buildings or other businesses. In general includes all types of commercial buildings. It’s a good idea to get some tips on what commercial painting is and what to look for before making a decision. 

If you are trying to remodel an entire building or just change one portion of it, you’ll want to hire the right commercial painting company to do the job. 

The painting company you will hire not only should have the proper equipment, but they should know exactly what they’re doing and they should have the proper training and licensing as well. 

Also, it makes sense to get experienced professionals who know how to move around to make each small area appear absolutely professional.

Business and commercial painting projects can be small as well as big. It includes painting the interior or exterior of a building, making simple repairs, coating roofs, painting logos, painting metal doors, etc.

The main purpose of commercial painting is to make the building look good and professional. It helps to keep the building safe and secure from weather conditions and wear and tear. Colors and aesthetics play a very important role in commercial painting, especially in the hospitality sector. 

When it comes to commercial painting, you need to take all the color schemes as well as the theme of the building into considerations. For example, schools need a different painting approach than a hospital or a hotel.

Because of this reason, commercial painting takes a lot of time and effort. You need to choose only the best commercial painters in order to get the job done. At the Pro Painters our painters know how to work in different commercial locations with all the experience and professionalism. 

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The Pro Painters | Multi-State Professional Commercial Painting Services

Pro Painters is one of the most reputed multi-state painting companies in the USA. With branches in the majority of the states and cities in the United States.

We have a special team of commercial painters to undertake commercial painting projects. Our professional commercial painters have years of experience in commercial painting.

They can easily complete any type of project on time. We have an expert team that takes care of the interior and exterior painting. Apart from that, we have another team with expertise in coating and other repair work.

If you have multiple offices or businesses in different locations, we can easily help you with the painting project. Our locally owned painting company has branches in multiple locations.

Our painters are very with Experienced with the safety protocols. We can help you paint and repair your office or business  located in different areas.

All our clients get tailored painting services as per the type and structure of the building. We specialize in providing commercial painting services to multi-state businesses.

At The Pro Painters, all our painters are licensed and insured. You don’t have to worry about the risk associated with painting jobs. Our team has special training and years of experience in commercial painting projects.

Apart from that, we take extreme safety precautions while providing services. We use high-quality materials, paints, and tools to provide excellent commercial painting services.

We have all the necessary tools and equipment to complete all types of painting jobs. If you want to use our services, all you need to do is request a free quote.

We provide estimation free virtually quotes as well as in person. Apart from that, our services are affordable and fair. Commercial painting services can be pretty expensive, However, we strive to complete all the projects within the budget and time.

Commercial painting is not a child’s play. These projects are complex, time-consuming, and need skills and knowledge. Not all types of painters can complete this type of project.

However, at Pro Painters, we have a separate commercial painting team. If you own a commercial or building or property which needs a painting job, you can approach use. Here are some of the commercial painting services you can enjoy with The Pro Painters. 


Waterproofing is used to make structures more resistant to both internal and external water. This can be done by creating a seal. It is a layer of coating between the walls and ceiling and between the floor joists and the foundation.

This allows water to drain away from the structure, keeping water damage to a minimum. Our painters use different types of sealers or coating materials to make the commercial building waterproof. 

Ceiling Repair: 

Overhead structures can let you down in the long run. This is because they are made of metal, and this metal is prone to rust. If you let the metal get rusted, then it will let you down in the sense that you will have to deal with the damage and will also be spending extra money on getting it repaired.

However, if you notice cracks, stains, or any damage to the ceiling, we can help you. Our commercial painters will help you to repair ceilings. 

Floor Coatings:

Floor coatings systems can be applied to concrete floors, plywood floors, linoleum, or wood floors. The first thing that you should know is that there are different floor coatings systems, and not all epoxy floor coatings aren’t the same. Epoxy floor coatings systems are designed for flooring, and they are applied to provide damage protection, safety and to make the floor look good. We provide epoxy floor coating services for commercial buildings. 

Interior Painting:

Commercial interior painting is basically the painting of the interiors of office buildings. It is a very important aspect of commercial buildings as it helps to enhance the beauty and make the interior look good.

Paintings also help in increasing the life expectancy of the walls by reducing corrosion, rusting, discoloration, and other damages. The Pro Painters provide this type of service. We can help you paint the interior of all types of commercial buildings. 

Exterior Painting:

Apart from painting the interior of commercial buildings, we can help you paint the exterior as well. The external appeal of commercial buildings is very important as it makes the building looks professional. Our painters can help you paint all types of the external surface of commercial buildings. 

Carpentry and Repairs:

Carpentry and repair are some of the most in-demand trades in today’s modern world. People need to repair, install, design and rebuild all types of structures in commercial buildings. Our painters can help you repair damages in wood, metal as well as stucco material. We can help with drywall plaster as well.

  • Masonry Coating and Repairs: 

Many commercial properties, including historic buildings, are old and have the potential to become hazardous. Some buildings can take several years to become safe. To make the property safer and to save your company money, you may consider a masonry coating and repair project. This will add protection and reduce the cost of painting over small cracks in the exterior walls. It is also beneficial to protect the building from potential damage from rain or wind. Our painters can help you with masonry coating and repair work for commercial buildings. 

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FREE Virtual Quotes:

Before hiring painters, clients ask for quotations. It helps them to estimate the budget and cost. However, most of the companies charge for a quotation. But this is not the case with The Pro Painters. Here, you will get a full quotation for free.

  • Free Quotation: with The Pro Painters you will get free written quotes. It will help you to know the total cost of the painting service.
  • On-Site and Remote Quotation: We provide on-site as well as Virtual 15 Minute Quotes! You can either contact us through our  online website to get a quotation or call our 24/7 phone line. All you need to do is enter your details, and we will get back to you with a full quotation.
  • Free Consultation: You will also get free consultation services. We will provide free consultation for your painting project. We will show you the latest designs and help prepare a custom project as well.

Power Washing: 

We also provide power washing services. If you want to clean your commercial building to remove molds, dust, or debris, we can help you. We have the necessary equipment by which you can easily power wash and keep the building clean.

Heavy Metal Door Painting: 

If you have a heavy or rusty metal door in the commercial building, we can help you paint it. We will remove the rust, apply chemicals and effectively paint the door to prevent rusting and make it look clean.

Roof Coatings: 

  • Roof Coatings: 

You will also get roof coating services with our company. We help to coat roofs of commercial buildings to prevent water leakage. It will make the roof waterproof.

  • Wood Rot Repair: 

If the wooden surfaces in your commercial building are cracked or rotten, we can help you fix them. We will seal the wooden surface and fill all the cracks to avoid wood rot.  

  • EIFS Repair: 

EIFS repairs can save your buildings from moisture buildup and water leaks. If the insulation is broken or damaged, it can result in moisture buildup. However, we can help you with EIFS repairs. We will repair the crack or chip in the insulation.

  • Decorative Logo Painting:

We also provide decorative logo painting services. We can help you paint the logo of your company on the building or rooftop so that everyone can recognize it. 

Types of Professional Commercial Painting Services:

Commercial buildings include every property which is not used for residential purposes. Because of this reason, commercial painting projects differ on the basis of the type of business. At The Pro Painters, we provide commercial painting services to multiple businesses. Here are the types of commercial painting services we provide. 

Hospitality Buildings Painting Services:

If you have an establishment in the hospitality industry, such as a hotel or restaurant, you are more than likely going to want to hire some hospitality commercial painting company.

There are many different types of furniture and interior design that can leave a great impression on customers, so it is important to pay attention to the details. We provide hospitality buildings painting services. We provide the best quality work at affordable prices.

Our employees have the proper training to do the work that needs to be done in order to ensure that your business  is in tip-top shape.

Retail Painting Services:

If you wish to give your store a modern look and want to enhance the visual appeal of your interior, then going in for retail painting services can help you in this regard. Gone are the days when only the large retail stores had the necessary budget for hiring a professional artist to do interior painting jobs for them.

With the advent of new technology, retail stores have also started hiring artists for retail painting services as well. No matter what type of retail store or building you own, The Pro Painters can help you make your store look amazing. 

Healthcare Painting Services:

There is always a demand for healthcare commercial painting as many companies require painting work for their office, clinic, hospital, or medical building. Commercial painting is needed for all types of buildings, from doctors’ offices to office buildings, hospitals, and nursing homes.

If you are interested in our services, you can can contact with us for a quote. We use a variety of tools when painting healthcare facilities so that the finished product will look professional.

Industrial Painting Services:

Industrial buildings, such as warehouses and storage units, come in many shapes and sizes and thus require different types of coatings to prevent surface damage and prevent it from looking old and worn.

When choosing paint for an industrial building, there are several factors to consider, including the climate of the area to be painted, the kind of materials that are being used on the structure. If you want to paint warehouses, factories, or commercial office buildings, our painters can help you. 

School Painting Services:

School building painting is a process by which a school, college, or university is decorated with bright colors. This task is carried out to get the school or college’s building in top-notch shape and is essential for maintaining the cleanliness of the place as well. However, when you hire the services of professionals for school building painting, it will help to save lots of time.

We provide this type of service. Our painters know exactly how to apply the paint with perfection to the walls and other parts of the building.

Amusement Parks - Entertainment Facilities Painting Services :

We also provide amusement parks and recreational facilities painting services. If you want to paint a park or any other amusement facility, our painters can help you. They have years of experience with all types of painting jobs. We can help you paint, gardens parks, sports complex, etc

We provide this type of service. Our painters know exactly how to apply the paint with perfection to the walls and other parts of the building.

Buildings and Apartment Painting Services:

If you’ve ever needed some painting work done on apartment buildings and commercial buildings, consider condo & apartment painting. We provide this type of commercial painting service. Our painters will help you to paint all types of apartment buildings and condos. 

The Pro Painters Affordable Rates: 

At The Pro Painters, you don’t have to worry about the budget. We provide quality services at affordable rates. Our quotations are fair and most of the times cheaper compared to other companies.

  • Competitive Prices: Our Company offers painting services at competitive rates. The price is neither too high nor too low. It is perfect as per the service and quality we provide.
  • No Hidden Cost: There is no hidden cost in our quotation. We will not ask for extra money once the job is done.
  • On Budget:  We will complete the painting job within your budget. You don’t have to worry about paying more money. 
  • Payment Options: You will get convenient payment options to pay money. We accept cash, checks, online payment, debit card, credit cards, etc. 

The Pro Painters Timely Management:

The biggest problem with painting jobs is that it always takes more time than estimated. However, with The Pro Painters, you don’t have to worry about that. We will help you to complete the job on time and give you a completion estimate before your projects start.

  • On Schedule: Our employees work as per the schedule. They will not take any leaves and work as per the timeline of the project. 
  • Start and End Time: They start as well as end the work on time every day. They will arrive and leave the property at the scheduled time. 
  • Meets Deadline: The Pro Painters are known for completing projects on time. We meet all the deadlines with the quality and the customer always in mind .

Interior services

  • Plaster/Repair Drywall
  • Wallpaper – Installation and Uncovering
  • Apartment, Condominium, painting
  • Staircases and hallways Service
  • Faux finishes.

Pro Chicago Painters we are happy to provide free budget estimates and stuck evaluation for the task you wish. we’ve got been the foremost respected painter in the Chicago area for many years now.

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Why choose our Chicago painting services?

We use top painters and best products to make sure our painting services are of the best quality. This is a list of our advantages:

Fully licensed and insured painters

Variety and affordability of our painting services.

Great time management skills to start on time and meet the deadline.

We use best paint brands or brand of your choice.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We understand the inconvenience and we respect your privacy.

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